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Soul thoughts.

There is something absolutely magical about writing. To me, anyway. There’s something about saying what's on your heart or expressing the wisdom of your soul, that can make you feel more alive, and more fulfilled, than anything else.

And even though its only been a few entries, I can’t express how… relieved… I am to have started writing my experiences with sound in this blog.

And today, while listening to a book that is completely cracking me open, I realized why I write: Not to share my experiences, to teach others or even to try to change the world… but to be connected to my soul. I also realized that as much as I love sound, it's just one piece of who I am and it's not everything that I want to share.

And while I do find sound and its potential to uplift and heal absolutely mind blowing ( literally… see my last post) I was only writing about sound, one topic, because part of me was trying to reach or appeal to a certain group of people…like the business books tell you to do.

But I've decided that instead of rein in people to a limited me, I’d rather express my whole soul and see what that creates.

So that's what I'm going to do.

And while the title may change in future… ( title recommendations are welcome!) you are now cordially invited to "Soul thoughts". The place where I share everything (realizations, meditations, channeling, insights, etc.) because that makes me feel happier.

My soul is excited. I hope you are, too.