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Always drawn to spirituality and the magic of it, I spent 15 years studying it, exploring it, and have since dedicated my life to helping people rise.


I have a degree in Psychology from Saint Thomas University, and have since travelled the world studying natural medicine, mindfulness, meditation, coaching, yoga, manifestation, reiki, and other forms of energy work. These all led me to discover the profound power in sound. I then discovered what my voice was doing; raising energetic vibrations and consequently healing the body from emotional and physical trauma, pain and blockages.


Simply put, I sing the tones that the body needs to heal and provide divine insight through channeling.

My mission is to help others feel what it’s like to live in a state of love and magic.

I'm Anne.


I’m an opera singer, self-love coach, and vocal channel who helps people heal using my voice.


Growing up a singer, I used to entertain crowds singing classical opera. I always knew that my voice made people feel uplifted and energized, but I later came to learn that it also deeply healed them.

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