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Vocal Sound Healing

I connect with your energy and sing the tones that heal your body.

Freedom is easier than you think.



What is Vocal Sound Healing?

Research in psychoacoustics and biofeedback show how sound is one of the most effective, pleasant and easy ways to let go of energetic and physical blocks in the body. 

Sound acts just like water that flows through a stream. If anything lies in the water’s way, it simply moves it; either by helping it pass or by dissolving it entirely.

Because our body is extremely intelligent and knows how to restore itself, pure sounds (aka. coherent energy) can be used to diminish and dissolve any energetic dissonance in the body. 

During a sound bath, individuals are comfortably sitting or laying down while being immersed in beautiful, sustained tones and vibrations. 

A session typically lasts about 60 minutes and can take place in person or online.

The Benefits of Sound Healing

Quieted mind

Enter a state of deep relaxation.

 Relief from pain

Feel comfort, security and safety as your body releases physical and emotional pain.

Release trauma, mental distress & energetic blocks in the body.

Reduced stress 


Kailey V

RN, Emergency Department

"That was unlike anything i’ve ever experienced. Physically, it is the most relaxed I have felt with any kind of therapy. After my session, I felt reset, as if I had just come back from a vacation. I can’t recommend this enough.”

“I was so tired and drained before coming to see Anne, and minutes after leaving I had a burst of energy, still going today. I've had Reiki practised on me before, and this was similar but with sound. I felt warmth and pressure on different parts of my body throughout the session and experienced beautiful visuals and light.”

Saba H

Teacher, Entrepreneur

“Anne's intuition to play the particular music and sing the particular notes she did orchestrated my experience so perfectly, I could tell she was deeply connected to my energy.”

Kelli Urquhart


“Anne was born with a natural gift and it’s truly a blessing to receive a vocal sound healing session from her. Not only does it induce deep relaxation and stress relief, but the high energetic frequency of her singing also heals physical & emotional pain. At times you can literally feel the spiritual realm joining Anne as she channels the Divine through song. Anne’s vocal sound healing sessions are powerful & one-of-a-kind, and something you’ll want to experience at least once during your lifetime.”

Rebecca Tremblay

Coach and Actress

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Find Your Voice
testi trigger

Find Your Voice Session

I help people connect to and free their voice.


While our voices can be extremely powerful, they can also be vulnerable. 


Repression of the voice from fear or trauma (from this life, a past life or an ancestral line), can affect our confidence in using our voice how we desire to and how we are meant to.


In these sessions, I help you heal your throat chakra through releasing blockages and trauma, so you can connect with your sound and release your soul.


Sessions are 60 minutes and can be done virtually or in person.

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