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Vocal Sound Healing

I connect with your energy and sing the tones that heal your body.

Freedom is easier than you think.


what iscoaching

What is Coaching?

Our minds (ie. our patterns, programs + limiting beliefs) are the only thing holding us back from living present, happy and healthy lives.

I teach you a new way of seeing and working with yourself that:

  •  drops the mind’s defenses

  • gets you behind your fears

  • & allows you to live from a place of presence.

Living more from that space is easier and more natural than you think. 

Free 30 minute Consultation

A coaching session typically lasts about 60 minutes and can take place in person or online.

After the initial consultation, we will have regularly scheduled meetings and will begin to transform your perspective and your life. You will have different “life work” to complete between each session to help integrate the changes into your everyday life.

The Benefits of Coaching

Coaching will help you:

Transform your relationship with fear, worry & anxiety.

Feel more energized and free.

Connect to who you are and what you really want out of life.

Relate to yourself with more authenticity, compassion and power.


Andrew Bryson

Physical Therapist, Entrepreneur

"Since working with Anne I have started up my own Sports Therapy business, purchased my first home and started studying to become a nutritional coach as Anne was able to uncover the reason behind my fears of failure.”

“Working with Anne was an experience I am so grateful to have had. Anne’s ability to see past the surface and dig into the root issue has helped me to work through a lot of past traumatic experiences. Anne’s compassion and skills have been instrumental in a new perspective and outlook I have on integrating my past with my future. I can’t thank you enough Anne for all of your help and understanding!” 

“Anne is a powerful woman and an amazing coach! She changed my life in just 4 months! She was the first coach I ever had and she taught me to face my fears and have self-compassion, which helped me to reconnect with myself, my heart’s wisdom and my soul’s purpose. I started achieving my dream life and feeling better about myself in a very short time. I highly recommend coaching with her, there’s no doubt she’ll change your life, too!”

Rebecca Tremblay

Coach and Actress

Lara Proud

RN, & Entrepreneur

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