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How I discovered I channel through singing.

When I tell people I channel through singing, they have a lot of questions. Understandable! So do I!

So, it's always nice when something I'm discovering about myself is validated and more pieces of the puzzle come together. One fated bingo night gave me just that.

Here's the story.

Upon arriving at my close friend’s mother’s house to play radio bingo- let’s give a big ol’ Kentucky wave to Court and Deb ( I have no idea if a Kentucky wave exists… but I can dream…) I was met at the door by Debbie eagerly thrusting a ring into my hand. “What do you feel from this”, she asked me.

Apparently, my newly developing ability to channel had gotten out…

Flattered, I took the ring with confidence, intuitively closed my eyes, and sang a note. Images! I saw a woman and her husband. They were older, in old-fashioned clothing, well-off financially, and seemed a bit strict, but content. The husband gave the woman the ring. The ring felt happy. Telling Deb all of this, she nodded and said “Great, I love how I feel when I wear this ring. Maybe that’s why”.

Next, she handed me a necklace. On it was a ring and a couple of other pieces. Closing my eyes to connect, I immediately felt... different. First, I saw a white candle. Then a beautiful, very sacred, holy feeling, came over me and a sense of deep peace and love. “Wow. That felt like I was at the altar of a temple or church… so sacred. A white candle was the first thing I saw”. Smirking now, Deb said, “Want me to tell you why”? She then proceeded to tell me that the necklace had been owned by a nun who gave it to a niece that she loved deeply. A piece on the necklace, what looked to me like a locket of some sort, was actually a place to put wax from the altar's white candle.

I was blown away. Not because of anything I had done, but because I had been given the opportunity to see that information was being transmitted to me THROUGH sound waves. That’s right! Sound carried information! And a simple note could give me access to infinite amounts of it!

This experience showed me that, yes, I am, in fact, a channel- just like I always prayed to be ( I read somewhere recently that if you have a desire to be something, it's because you already are…) and this is how I connect. This discovery about sound blew my mind and it helped me grow confidence in my connection to source as well as what I'm here to do.

I really wanted to share this because I'd never heard of this before… having insight, information, and answers come to you (or through you) when you sing a note. And if you've been on a similar journey, with a deep desire to connect to Source and help people heal, but haven't found your way “in”, this may be it. Sound might be your “connector”, too.

If it's personal insight and healing you're after, sound can help there, too.

In “find your voice” sessions, I help clients find their “tone” ( the sound or vowel that makes their whole being feel most free when they sing it). When they add toning to their meditation, they go much deeper.

In fact, everyone I've worked with has been excited at how toning takes them deep into their energy and heart.

It’s “a direct channel in”, one woman said.

And she is right.

Photo by Pat Whelen


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