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That song in your head could be a message from Spirit.

The next time a song randomly pops into your head, take note: it could be a message from Spirit.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a song playing in my head. After a recent Reiki session, my right ear was tingling and warm, like really warm, and Spirit's message was very clearly to "listen". While, I didn't know what I was listening for, or how I would even “hear” it, I just told myself to pay deeper attention to what I was hearing and go from there.

The next day, right before doing a sound healing session on a client, I started to sing the song, "I Have A Dream" by Abba. This song came out of nowhere and I was singing the lines "I have a dream" over and over before I even realized it. Then, I said to my friend and co-healer, "I think dreams are something we're going to explore with this next person". When that new client arrived and we asked what she'd like help healing, she said "I've been having nightmares".

My jaw dropped.

The very next day, while I was walking on a beach to clear my mind, another extremely random song popped into my mind. It was the theme song to the Muppets and like I did the day before, before even realizing it, I was singing it loudly and proudly to people I walked past. The second I “clicked in” and noticed what I was doing, I asked myself what the message could be. I guessed that since muppets are puppets and I have a business that uses puppets to coach children about mental wellness, it must be about those. Because I’d gone to the ocean to let go of anything "old" or "no longer serving me", I got curious. Was I supposed to let go of the puppet element of that business? It felt like a yes, so I did so intentionally right then and there in the waves. The literal second I was done, I got a message from my business partner saying that she had actively started to sell the puppets. Wow.

This new awareness was/is so exciting. It’s so encouraging to now know that the universe communicates with me and answers my questions this way - and that maybe it always has.

So, if you are looking to increase your intuition or are looking for signs from the universe, listen to the songs in your head.

They may be how Spirit is trying to speak to you.

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