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"Grounding" helps so much more than we realize.

The universe has been telling me to ground lately. A lot.

This is actually amazing because it's changing my view of what I used to think was simply standing with my feet on the ground and taking a breath.

I mean, it is.

But it is so much more.

Today, after a whirlwind of a weekend where I spent very little time to myself, I was feeling anxious and off. About to start my morning meditation, my mind was going through to-do lists and my self-doubt and self-judgment were high.

“Why didn’t you meditate AT ALL this weekend?”

“Why is this the first time you are connecting with yourself”

“If you aren't clear, you won’t be able to write your book…”

Knowing my mind had been left to run “un-checked” for days (I have a practice of offering my mind compassion daily), I was nervous heading into myself. So I grabbed not one, but two red jasper stones.

Planting my feet firmly on the ground, then inhaling deeply and closing my eyes, I started to sing. (Singing is the way I connect most quickly with my heart- it’s almost a direct line, actually. When I sing, I am more connected to spirit and get way more insight, messages, clarity, and love). As per usual, I felt the energy move from my head to my legs and feet immediately. I felt my shoulders drop, spine align, and pelvis tilt. I could feel my legs and their support. I could feel my body, my “solidness”, and my connection to the earth.

And today, when connecting more and more to my body, I had new awareness.

I noticed that when I’m grounded and in my body, I'm filled with MY energy, MY essence, and there's no room for anything else.

Today I understood that when I’m grounded, fear and doubt (or anything not truly me at my core) get pushed out.

I deeply understood that grounding isn't something trivial.

It gets everything out of your energy- but you!

Grounding allows your essence space.

And your essence is love.


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