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What happens during a sound bath.

When I started asking if anyone wanted me to give them a “sound bath”, some people looked at me cautiously, not knowing what a sound bath was. Others just thought I wanted to bathe them, and so were often (but curiously- not always) quick to say no.

So it was the brave souls who came to me in the beginning really helped me observe how music works.

Led solely by my knowledge that sound raises vibration and heals like nothing I've ever seen, and that I just needed to sing, I had my clients lay down ( first on a couch) now on a massage table, while I connect and allow spirit to work with their energy through sound.

The session would start with me guiding the client into a deep meditative state, then the sound would come. I say it would come, because I quickly learned it wasn’t me calling the shots. When my voice was ready to sing, it would sing. And the note it wanted to. If I ever tried to make noise before it wanted to, or during a period that was meant to be quiet, my voice wouldn't work. If I tried to sing high when it wanted to stay lower, it wouldn't budge or the high note would feel flat. If I sang low when I was meant to be singing high, same thing. Any preconceived notions I had about what the client needed or what I “felt” like doing any given moment, were always trumped by the truth. I am a channel. Healing energies work through me.

Anytime I felt self-doubt or skeptical “What the hell am I doing? Singing at people?” or “Are they feeling anything?! What the hell am I doing!?!” I was always immediately reassured the moment the sound bath ended and they told me about their experience.

“I saw bright colors and felt warmth on my body. It felt like Reiki, but with sound.”

“I felt the pain in my back just be taken away. Like a hand came down and just….healed me.”

“I saw angels. They took me up to the celestial realm and pulled heavy energy from my heart. I’ve never worked with angels before”.

“I saw my brother, felt a lot of sadness, then felt as if a stream was washing over my body, breaking up and carrying away the pain”.

“It felt like water was washing over me and clearing away any blocks that I had.”

“I felt like I was in Lemuria or Atlantis, playing in the water. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced.”

Most people use words like "cleansed" and "cleared" to describe their experience and most often I'll get "My mind is finally still, quiet and empty.”

While at the beginning, all I knew was that it worked. In time, my experiences started to become more profound (and convincing to my mind), too. I started to notice that I was also feeling and seeing things that my clients were. If we went to see the angels, I could see that and feel that. If we were healing childhood trauma, I could see that, too. I then started getting bits of information that added to their healing experiences. Like a piece of the puzzle they needed to bring understanding to their session… and their lives.

Eventually, I started to be able to focus on a person before they arrived, sing a note, and see what it was that they needed during the session. Sometimes it was to relax, sometimes it was to clear. Sometimes they needed to be reminded of something, or validated. Images started getting so clear that I would make sure to keep time in the session to share them. Now, the sessions have evolved into both a spiritual reading and energetic healing.

My clients have also helped me to realize that the way the sound works is always changing and different. For example, I cycle between different soundscapes to sing along with. Before meeting with a client, I'll connect to their energy and feel into which soundscape is best for the session.

Two people with the same soundscape could have a totally different experience. The same person can also have a completely different experience with the same soundscape days or weeks later.

More than anything, I've learned to be in awe and open. As I continue to allow my use of sound to evolve, I'm noticing and using new frequencies and tones. But whatever is coming up, whatever mystery or magic, one thing is clear to me, it is when I sing a tone that the information/healing comes.


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